Gregg E. Hall 
Chief of Police
Phone: 314-513-5200

On behalf of the members of the Hazelwood Police Department, welcome to our website. It is an honor and privilege to serve with the dedicated professionals of the Hazelwood Police Department. These fine men and women are the people who make this an exceptional organization and one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in Missouri. Through our staff’s competent and courteous service, we strive daily “to enhance the quality of life within our community”. Building upon the past successes of Community Policing, the Hazelwood Police Department incorporates a Problem-Solving philosophy that is supported by Intelligence-led principles. Through directed patrols and proactive enforcement, our staff works hard to prevent crimes and identify criminals. From Road Patrol to Dispatch, from Criminal Investigations to Records, from Community Services to Specialized Units, our dedicated employees are committed to making Hazelwood a safer place to work and live. The community has joined with our Police Department to forge a strong cooperative partnership built on trust and mutual respect. Through programs like Neighborhood Watch, the Police Explorer Program, and Citizens on Patrol every day residents are banding with our staff to help rid our streets of criminal activity. We are grateful for the open communication and generous support we receive from our citizens. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We look forward to working with you and making the City of Hazelwood even greater than it is today.

Chief Hall

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