Animal Control Unit

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Animal control is on-duty Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:30pm.
If your complaint needs immediate assistance, contact Hazelwood Dispatch.
Non-Emergency Line 314-838-5000, ext.1
All emergencies, dial 911

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Animal Control Officer/ Code Enforcement Officer

The City of Hazelwood employs a full-time Animal Control Officer. The officer works various hours throughout the week, including day and afternoon shifts. The Animal Control Officer can be reached by calling 314.513.5062 or for an emergency dial 9-1-1.

The Animal Control duties include:
*Patrol city wide for stray dogs and cats. Dogs and cats must be confined at all times.
*Ensure all domestic pets are properly vaccinated for the rabies virus
*Ensure all domestic pets are properly licensed annually with the City of Hazelwood. (City tags are free of charge- must show current proof of rabies inoculation. Tags run from June 1 – May 31)
*Nuisance wildlife trapping/removal ONLY if animal has gained access to your home/ garage/ shed, or has burrowed a nest under porches or patios.
*Animal bite investigations.
*Animal neglect/abuse investigations. 
*Enforces the City of Hazelwood “dangerous animal ordinance” which includes keeping of “pitbull” type dogs. A special permit is required to keep these animals- no exceptions (see city ordinance for more details) 
*Enforcement of all animal related ordinances. 
*Enforcing ordinance for grass/weeds violations. 
*Enforce parking violations- unlicensed/expired license plates. 
*Assist with traffic control when necessary.

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City Animal Related Ordinances