Hazelwood Police Department

Support Group

Support Group

The Support Group under the guidance of the Support Group Manager, assisted by two (2) Police Supervisors and the Communications Supervisor, consists of the Traffic Management Team, Mills Mall Patrol Team, Neighborhood Action Team, Communications Unit, Records Unit, CrimeVictims & Domestic Violence Unit, Jail/Court Bailiff Unit, Training & Personnel Unit.

Traffic Management Team

This team addresses the local street/residential roadway related traffic concerns of residents and provides information on the different types of techniques that may be used in a neighborhood traffic plan and the methodology to be used to evaluate the problems identified. The team provides traffic calming treatments, such as selective use of speed radar, monitoring of high accident locations and directive patrol of problem locations. The team works with other city departments to address traffic issues and create neighborhood traffic plans, develop solutions to traffic-related problems in city neighborhoods.

Mills Mall Patrol Team

The Mills Mall Patrol Team provides law enforcement services to the businesses and visitors at the 1.2 million square foot St. Louis Mills shopping center.

Neighborhood Action Team

The Neighborhood Action Team members are Community Oriented Policing Specialists, who work with the neighborhood patrol officers and residents on specific neighborhood or community problems, which require additional attention and/or resources. The Neighborhood Action Team coordinates the Department's Neighborhood Watch program, media relations, public relations and crime prevention program.

  • Volunteer Unit: This unit is under the guidance of the Neighborhood Action Team, provides a variety of supports to all areas of the department in accordance with the volunteer manual. This unit is also responsible for the Citizens Observation Patrol program.
  • Law Enforcement Explorer Program: This program in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America is under the guidance of the Neighborhood Action Team. This program provides the opportunity for the youth of the community to learn, first-hand, about the law enforcement profession.
  • Police Chaplain Unit: Provides support to all members of the department. Responsible for assisting department personnel and citizens by providing spiritual guidance and counseling in times of crisis, and to encourage community support for law enforcement objectives.

Communications Unit

Responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the emergency radio communications network and all related duties as outlined in the communications manual.

Records Unit

Responsible for the efficient filing and retrieval of all complaint reports and records. Entry and retrieval of all statistical information by the department computer system, routing of all documents to the proper authorities as outlined by law and department policy, the channeling of all incoming and outgoing mail and all related duties as outlined by department policy and written directives.

Crime Victims and Domestic Violence Unit

Provides direct support for the Criminal Investigation Team and Youth Interaction Team by offering guidance to ensure the teams operate effectively and efficiently. This unit is responsible for the development and coordination of the department's crime victim's assistance and other related programs. This unit also works in conjunction with domestic violence organizations to identify programs, which aid victims and/or reduce the incidents of domestic violence. It monitors the domestic violence incidents reported to the department to ensure the victims receive the proper guidance and protection, and the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions and receive the proper treatment.

Jail / Court Bailiff Unit

Under the guidance of the Manager of the Neighborhood Support Group, this unit is responsible for the operation of the City's Jail, to include upkeep of required prisoner records and unit manual. Maintain the City's jail standards in accordance with the municipal jail standards as outlined by the American Jail Association as well as state and federal laws. Ensure the Municipal Court has adequate security and the safe transfer of prisoners between the municipal jail and the courtroom.

Training & Personnel Unit

Under the guidance of the Manager of the Neighborhood Support Group, this unit provides direct support to all members of the department. It is responsible for departmental training coordination as outlined by department policy. This unit coordinates competitive processes associated with employment, promotion and assures compliance with all State and Federal standards as they relate to personnel matters.