Hazelwood Police Department

Criminal Investigation Team

The Hazelwood Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Team is responsible for the follow-up investigation of criminal matters referred to them by the Neighborhood Patrol Teams. Detectives are also responsible for assisting and supporting the patrol division in investigations when the need arises. Detectives of the Criminal Investigation Team also initiate their own investigation through a crime tips hotline, criminal informants, and confidential sources.

They are also responsible for the recovery of stolen property, the identification and arrest of perpetrators of felony and misdemeanor cases and to work closely with the St Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in case preparation for successful prosecutions. The Criminal Investigation Team is also responsible for identifying and analyzing patterns of criminal activity, formulating strategies and implementing these ideas in a proactive community policing approach.

Each Detective of the Criminal Investigation Team is a member of the Major Case Squad of the Greater St Louis. They work closely with and many times assist the FBI, DEA and ATF Federal agencies along with all neighboring County and Municipal agencies in investigations. One detective is trained and certified in computer forensics/investigations and is assigned to the Regional Computer Crime Education and Enforcement Group (RCCEEG).

The Criminal Investigative Team is further responsible for storing and securing evidence relating to all investigations and conducting police applicant background checks.

The Criminal Investigation Team strives to keep current thru specialized training each year. This continuing education ranges from of Interview and Interrogations, Medico-legal Death Investigations, and Officer involved shootings to Evidence collection and Preservation, Sexual Assault Investigations, Crimes involving children and Fraud.

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